Archive: March, 2010

Access s-video on p7131H tv tuner

Posted on 03/21/10 4 Comments

I recently bought an asus p7131H pci TV-tuner solely for the purpose of connecting my Wii to the 24″ monitor I have acquired. After trying for a couple of hours to access the s-video stream from different players (even the over complicated MythTV) I came across the very nice and simple tvtime. Installing it was [...]

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Backup websites and MySQL database on a linux webserver

Posted on 03/08/10 No Comments

One of the servers my company has, runs CentOS with plesk 8 on it. Unfortunately there isn’t any easy way to backup all the sites and databases on the server, so I created a nice simple script to do just that.

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What happens when ATMs run IE 6

Posted on 03/07/10 1 Comment

I went to my bank’s (winbank) ATM this morning hoping to get some cash. The ATM was out of order though with a very familiar error message window. Someone has to tell them about the google chorme frame! It seems IE 6 is haunting me everywhere!

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