What happens when ATMs run IE 6

Posted on 03/07/10 1 Comment

I went to my bank’s (winbank) ATM this morning hoping to get some cash. The ATM was out of order though with a very familiar error message window.

Piraeus Bank (winbank) ATM IE6 error message

Someone has to tell them about the google chorme frame!

Piraeus Bank (winbank) ATM IE6 error message

It seems IE 6 is haunting me everywhere!

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  1. dlestarter says:
    Monday, October 22, 2012 at 11:23pm

    Oh my goodness…are you serious? ATM using IE6? what a bomb…never seen one myself…

    hahaha…unbelievable. well, my personal experience is that all banks around here in Colorado seem to use Windows XP, but IE6? that’s very funny…that bank need to file bankruptcy because they are working on 2005 software framework.

    You are right, they need to know about the google chrome frame

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