Athens international airport BSOD

Posted on 07/28/11 No Comments

I’ve spent more time at Athens international airport than with my family and friends lately (which btw says a lot about my social life). One of the best things at the airport is the 1 hour free internet access via wi-fi. Even if you run out of free time (on all wi-fi enabled devices you carry), you can still browse the net using one of the many internet access booths located all over the airport. Well you can, unless…

Athens International Airport blue screen of death

It still amazes and amuses me when I see big companies and establishments running windows xp  (or even windows 2k).

Chrome OS would be perfect for Athens airport internet access booths. Pretty much any linux distro with a fullscreen browser would do the job. Right now they use IE6(!) in full screen mode running on xp or 2K. I really hope people don’t use it to check their mails or do e-banking.

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