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Save mp3 radio streams to file

Posted on 04/11/10 No Comments

I use my HTC Hero to listen to music everyday while I walk to and from work. Who doesn’t, right? Unfortunately my favorite station (electricFM) is a internet station, so I can’t listen to it while I’m on the road. I solved that problem by recording the stream for a couple of hours using the [...]

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Access s-video on p7131H tv tuner

Posted on 03/21/10 4 Comments

I recently bought an asus p7131H pci TV-tuner solely for the purpose of connecting my Wii to the 24″ monitor I have acquired. After trying for a couple of hours to access the s-video stream from different players (even the over complicated MythTV) I came across the very nice and simple tvtime. Installing it was [...]

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Backup websites and MySQL database on a linux webserver

Posted on 03/08/10 No Comments

One of the servers my company has, runs CentOS with plesk 8 on it. Unfortunately there isn’t any easy way to backup all the sites and databases on the server, so I created a nice simple script to do just that.

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Make webcam mic work with Flash in ubuntu

Posted on 01/08/10 No Comments

I have been trying for a long time to make Flash 10 use my webcam’s mic under ubuntu (9.04 and 9.10) with no luck. Flash settings only give one option in the microphone tab, and that is “Linux Microphone”. Fortunately the solution is easy though not very obvious install PulseAudio Volume Control sudo apt-get install [...]

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